Yarra Valley & The Great Ocean Road

Over Christmas my family came to visit me from Brisbane and I took them out to discover some of Melbourne’s best sights. This first photograph is actually from the Mornington Peninsula, there’s a wonderful short walk in Mornington near the pier. The boardwalk wraps around to the pier and on a sunny day it’s just wonderful, we wandered around here and sat with our lunch we had packed near the water, such a wonderful day that really reminded me of our childhood.



A lavender farm! This is in the Yarra Valley and just such a great find, we were driving through the Yarra Valley and as we do when we go there, it’s a matter of lots of detours when we see an intriguing sign by the side of the road. The lavender farm was one of these occasion, we were actually on our way to go strawberry picking and had to stop here. I love the smell of lavender and as expected it smelt divine here, they had a shop there too so I came away with a great big bunch of it to hang in my room, yay!


LOOK! look how beautiful this place is. This is the Great Ocean Road as well as Port Fairy, we had the best few days and amazingly – it was great weather the whole time! Also just ignore the clashing tartan and floral in my selfie, it was cold and I was in a “I’m on holiday and I couldn’t care less” mood. I’m sure you’ll recognise the Twelve Apostles which were a must-see for us and I’m glad we did! The warm sun just made everything look delightful and hearing about how they were made and my surprise when I learnt that there isn’t actually twelve anymore. What the photo’s don’t show of course is the hundreds (literally) of people behind this photo who were all angling for the same shot, I definitely nearly got knocked out by a few selfie sticks. Also in attendance were about a million flies, no joke they were everywhere and you could not get away from them. Luckily if you have a scarf on hand like I did you can just drape it over your head and behold, no more flies trying to go up your nose.

We stayed in Port Fairy that night which is where this picturesque lighthouse is located, it’s a lovely secluded town with not one fast food restaurant or department store in sight (not sure how I felt not having a McDonald’s 300 metres down the road..). I’d like to draw attention to my ridiculous handle tan that I swear is still visible today – 4 months later.

Anyway that just about covers everything, I’m going to dig out my photo’s from my trip to Europe in June/July of 2016 for next week’s post. I envisage this blog covering more recent outings of mine but I just have to share those photo’s! Thanks for reading!

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