Dog Lover’s Show, Melbourne

Another Sunday! Today was the highlight of my calendar, the annual Melbourne Dog Lover’s Show! It’s a huge exhibition centre full of wonderful doggo’s and guaranteed to put a grin on your face. It is made up of pure bred dogs, hero dogs as well as raising awareness of the wonderful different rescue shelters that are all around Melbourne. We went in the afternoon so many of the dogs were napping, which as far as I’m concerned makes them even more cute.

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This French Bulldog was so soft! I definitely wanted to cuddle up to him and have a snooze myself.

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A little baby Samoyed booty! Attempting to get a photo of his face however was difficult as in in true puppy fashion he was very wriggly! His fur felt like what I would imagine a cloud to feel like.

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Hugo was the ideal model, he laid still and didn’t wriggle! Of course he was also very very cute.

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Another photogenic doggo! This one kind of looks like me on the weekend – hair pointing in every direction and lounging on the couch all day.

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I think I’ve fallen in love with this little Tenterfield Terrier! She was unbelievably small and sweet, her owner gave me so much information on the breed and I think I’m sold! Now to convince the landlord.. hmm..

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It just so happened that the location for the dog show was the Royal Exhibition Centre and absolutely beautiful! If only the dog’s weren’t drawing all of my attention – I may have taken some more pictures of the wonderful architecture.

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And to end this post we have Pudding of Puppy Tales Rescue, the cute Chihuahua with a glorious mustard jumper on that I am definitely jealous of.

I’m so happy I got to attend today and I can’t wait to go next year for lots more puppy cuddles!

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