All over the place

This weekend I went for a wander around my place to capture some of the autumn leaves, safe to say I went home and realised I only really liked one of them. Sad times.  But I did do some other cool things on the weekend so I thought I’d share some of them, it involves food – which is basically 95% of what I think about.

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Here it is, the one photo. The colours contrast which is why I like it, next weekend I’m going to go out at around the same time and bring my tripod.

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I went to this wonderful place called Oasis Bakery in Melbourne and it was a wonderful mix of a cafe and high-end supermarket. The cafe section was traditionally Australian, I had the fanciest waffles ever – I swear it was something out of Masterchef.

I know this is probably strange but something I found crazy was that they had so many different bottled drink varieties, you know most cafes have Coca-Cola or Schweppes variety? These guys had EVERYTHING.

Then in the same space was probably the fanciest supermarket I’ve seen in ages. I could have spent hours staring at all the foods in the deli. Now that I think about it, I’m going to have to go back and buy some of those cheeses, I could make some seriously great cheese toasties! Lastly – DO YOU SEE THOSE DOUGHNUTS?! Oh my goodness they were just as fresh as they look and no matter how many fancy doughnuts I have that are spectacularly decorated, nothing quite beats a jam doughnut.

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The last two are from a wander, this bridge is just up the road from me and you can bounce on it which makes it all the better – I’m such a child  at heart.

Thanks for reading!

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