Another weekend is over, blergh. Although to be honest I’m not that sad because I actually quite like my job, it’s challenging in its own way but it’s not stressful enough that I take it home with me so my days off actually feel like days off.

But back to my weekend, we went to the Yarra Bend Park to feed the ducks and go for a bit of a wander. I totally forgot to bring my big camera (rookie error) but luckily I had my iPhone which takes pretty good photo’s, it’s all about perspective in my book anyway.

The Yarra Bend Park is actually nestled between Kew and Abbotsford in Melbourne and really is huge. I haven’t explored all of it but it includes a boathouse, a convent, a children’s farm and is also home to a portion of the Yarra River that runs through the middle of Melbourne City (you can just imagine how gross it is in there). I like going there to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and busy suburbs, there’s also something really comforting about feeding ducks. I feel like you can never be sad feeding ducks, so take a mental note now – if you’re having a bad day, grab a bunch of bread and go to your nearest duck-filled pond.

blog 6 (3)

This is the obligatory picture of the feet, as you can tell I really like these shoes and the jacket. I promise to try and mix it up next weekend.

blog 6 (4)

I actually didn’t edit this picture at all, I love the mix of dull colours. I know what you’re thinking right now – “woah look at those rain clouds, I wonder if it rained on her” and the answer is yes, about 10 minutes after I took this photo it poured and we were around a 20 minute walk from the car, very unfortunate.

blog 6 (5)blog 6 (6)blog 6 (7)

Hey! It’s me! This was pre-rain, I was dry and significantly more cheery (however still had a good day because ducks)

blog 6 (8)blog 6 (9)blog 6 (2)

Reading your mind again – “where are these awesome ducks she’s been talking about?” Well you see I was so immersed in the feeding of the ducks that I totally forgot to take photos of them. Terrible blogger behaviour I know.

Thanks for reading! It’s awesome to know that I’m not writing this just for myself – there are people out there!

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