Graduation and Fish

I had a wonderful week! After four long (LONG!) years at the Australian Catholic University I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science, it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  University shaped so much of who I am as a person, I learnt so much and made so many friends and I loved every bit of it.

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I also went to the Sealife Aquarium in Melbourne City, which was WONDERFUL. I love animals and spent ages wandering around all the exhibits, snapping away as I went and I like the results.

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This little one absolutely loved having it’s photo taken, it stood stock still whilst I focused my camera and began snapping! I imagine this is fairly difficult – you know, being a fish and staying still in water. If you’re reading this fish, I appreciate it.

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These penguins were being fed and were zooming around and around and it was a wonderful sight, they loved those squid!

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I loved escaping the cold Melbourne weather for a while to go and see the Aquarium, if any of you are ever in Melbourne I highly recommend it, as well as the zoo!

Thanks for reading!

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