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So I’m starting this week’s post on Friday as opposed to very last minute on Sunday (or Monday…. oops). I’m actually sitting in the State Library in Melbourne city centre as I’ve just finished work and I’m killing time until I go to my boyfriend’s for the weekend.

I think this is the first time I’ve been to this library since I moved here a year and a half ago. I LOVE libraries, I think in my head I romanticise them a bit, imagining them as purely full rows and rows of books (which of course a majority of it is), however when you walk through the front door of the State Library you’re hit instead with rows and rows of computers. Don’t get me wrong I love the computer space (I’m sitting in said space typing this) but I suppose I’m a bit old-school in the sense that I wish it looked like it would have done pre-computers.

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Speaking about books, this is a nice segue into my next topic: magazines. When was the last time you bought a magazine? For me I couldn’t answer it because I hardly ever even think to buy a magazine unless I’m catching a flight and my phone is going to be rendered useless. I was in WHSmith the other day when the magazine section caught my eye and I walked out for $30 worth. I bought Vogue and Grazia, the latter because Emma Watson was on the cover and she’s totally my queen. I actually came into the library with the sole purpose of reading Vogue but here I am blabbering to you. But next time you walk past a newsagency you should pop in and have a peruse of the magazines stand – there are so many there I’m sure one would take your fancy.

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Three days later and it’s now Monday as I finish this post, I’ve had the a wonderfully adventurous weekend and I love some of the photo’s I managed to get (especially the sun on the buildings!)

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Our Sunday started early, we left the house and drove to the very end of the Mornington Peninsula. We finally reached Point Nepean National Park, at the tip is Fort Nepean, a former defensive facility that was used both in WW2 and prior, it is made up of underground tunnels and huge rooms that once housed big ass guns.

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The huge concrete structures contrasted hugely with the beautiful scenery that surrounded it.

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After lunch (and having caught my breath from the 6km walk that was Point Nepean) we  drove to Moonlit Sanctuary! As you all know I LOVE animals so this was probably the highlight of my weekend.

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Dingo’s might be the cutest things that could severely hurt you. We sat watching them for ages and they looked so cuddly!

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This is one of my favourite photo’s I took this weekend. These eagles were HUGE (I’ve totally forgotten the species) however they were a monogamous couple which is adorable. They were both rescued, the female was hit by a car and the male was handled by humans too much therefore couldn’t hunt in the wild. The Sanctuary built a massive compound just for them. If you’re ever in Melbourne I definitely suggest a visit to the Moonlit Sanctuary!

That wraps up my weekend! Thanks for reading!

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