Hello hello! The only thing you need to know about this weekend is that it includes surprise puppies, that’s it.

Nick and I actually went to the Hedgend maze in the Yarra Valley because we are huge children. Hedgend includes a few mazes, the biggest draw is it’s 1.5km maze (after doing it I admit I’m dubious that it’s actually that long but hey). Going through the maze all I could think of was Harry Potter and I definitely walked a bit quicker for fear of dementors haha!


This was a mind maze, very tricky!


SO! We were coming out of the Hedgend Maze on our way back to the car and I noticed this sign, with the word ‘puppies’ catching  my eye. The next few seconds went in slow motion as my eyes settled on the bed full of LITTLE ICKLE PUPPIES!! I ran over, sat down and proceeded to repeat over and over “Is this real life?!”. They were so darn soft and sleepy and as I type this the only place I want to be is sitting next to them stroking their little tummies, oh my.


After lunch we went to Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse and there was a beautiful country store next door that sold fresh breads and homewares that were to die for, I wanted all of them. When I move out next year I will be returning here for sure!


That wraps up my post, thanks for reading!

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