Hello all, my goodness I am SO late. This is what happens when you have a hectic week and do literally nothing all weekend. Oops.

I did one singular (but VERY exciting thing this week) thing apart from work – I BOOKED MY ACCOMODATION FOR NYC! Have I told the blog I’m going to New York in September? I’m so ridiculously excited since as I haven’t been there since 2011 when my Uncle got married.

I’ve wanted to take a solo trip for a while and New York is a great first step into what I hope is going to be a series of overseas trips!

Back to the accomodation chat, after many hours of trawling through many, many pages of hotel websites and Air BnB offerings I settled on an room in an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen that had some wonderful reviews and a great price! I highly recommend checking out Air BnB if you’re planning a trip away, I’ve had great experiences in the past. The main aim for my trip is to consume as much food as possible, shop until my bank breaks as well as visit aaall the museums! Stay tuned for lots of posts in 74-ish days!


In other news – the girl behind this photo is a very weary traveller, but a potential blog-worthy photo must be captured! Just as well I did because it was the only blog-worthy photo I took all week 😦 Next weekend will be better I’m sure of it!

… is 7:52pm too early to go to bed? Surely not, night ya’ll and thanks for reading!

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