I’m having such trouble starting this post, I’ve written something and then backspaced about six times now and I’ve just realised that there’s really no need because this is my blog and nothing is wrong here. I think after seventeen years of education and my teachers telling me off for all my grammar mistakes has really taken it’s toll, haha.

Yeah look I’ve been mistreating my blog for the last few weeks, I’ve found myself lacking the motivation for it, I’m not sure why because it really is a good creative outlet – it forces me to pick up my camera and go outside as opposed to staying in all weekend. I’ve got a desk job in the city so naturally I crave outside adventures. Nick and I went to Black Rock for a wander along the beach last weekend which is where these photos are from, admittedly there aren’t many because I spent most of the time trying not to fall over on the sand as I had made the very unwise decision to wear boots with a slight heel on them (nightmare).

If there’s one reason for you to go to the beach however its that there are dogs EVERYWHERE, I blooming love doggo’s. The Dogs Lovers Show is the highlight of my calendar (plug plug plug on a previous post!). The best part of this walk was getting hand kisses from a very excitable little Schnauzer, we also witnessed an angry Border Collie, a good Pitbull and two elegant Poodles with their equally elegant owners.

I think the tricky thing for me is that five out of my seven days are so mundane, I do the same things with the same pressures every day, don’t get me wrong I love the people who I work with (especially the one or two of you that compliment me on this blog!) but an office job is an office job and therefore I feel like there’s nothing interesting for me to write about on this blog, hence why I’ve been slack.

An important thing for me in life is to have something to look forward too, whether it be a shopping trip at the end of the month or a holiday somewhere new – be it short or long. Going to New York gives me something to smile about when I’m having a bad day at work, I’ve managed to juggle paying monthly expenses such as food and rent as well as pay for flights and accomodation in a very expensive city to find accomodation in (shoutout to AirBnB bringing the goods!).

If you’re feeling a little down I really suggest planning a reward for getting through the week, month, year. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, even if its a burrito at the end of a long week, I find it helps a lot.

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