Picnic in the sun

Hello All!

I have a TON of photos for you, as I had such a fun weekend! It started off with seeing a bunch of beautiful cherry blossoms, I must have looked very strange taking a million photos on the sidewalk.

After a lovely sleep-in on Saturday, Nick and I drove up to Emerald to enjoy the views and check out the Emerald Village Bakery. As you can see by the photo’s we had a ridiculous amount of choice, we stood there just staring at everything with no idea what to buy! We ended up with monte carlo’s, pies, jam tarts, scones and homemade jam! Everything was delicious and this place is a must see if you’re in the area!

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On the way to the bakery we passed this donut truck, we were headed to lunch therefore didn’t stop. However, after lunch we simply couldn’t resist and made our way back for an $8 bag of sweet, sweet goodness (because of course one does not simply buy one, they buy six).

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On Sunday we celebrated a friends birthday in the park! Now even though I live in Australia it has been a CHILLY winter. We all thought a picnic in the park would be doomed however we were blessed with a warm, sunny day! It’s a miracle! We spent the entire afternoon eating yummy food and playing games, we all had a delightful afternoon.

One last thing, I ordered a Canon 50mm lens during the week for my trip to NYC! Look out for test shots soon!

Thanks for reading!

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