Hello All!

Didn’t upload yesterday, what a surprise LOL

But I’m here! hello! These photo’s are from yesterday when we went to a place in Pennsylvania called Peddlers Village. It’s a super cute area that’s full of adorable gift stores and yummy food (and boy did we eat!)

blog 19 (2)blog 19 (1)blog 19 (3)

Look how flipping cute!

blog 19 (5)

We had lunch at this place, I had a burger and fries and the fries were seriously out of this world! And the decor felt so traditionally American

blog 19 (7)blog 19 (8)blog 19 (10)blog 19 (11)blog 19 (9)

Peddlers Village had a scarecrow competition on! The were probably at least 30 scarecrows of all different categories (There was a Khaleesi and a Night King!)

After wandering around the shops we went to a candy shop, got waffles and ice-cream and then I promptly got in the car and fell asleep as I had eaten waaay too much!

I am having such an awesome time in America, we’re going to Washington DC for the next few days which should be awesome so check out the next blog on Friday!


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