Washington D.C.

Hello All!

My goodness what a week! I’m actually in NYC at the moment but I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip to Washington last week!

My aunt, uncle and I spent a day and a half in D.C. and it was a wonderful experience, as someone who loves crime shows I was totally fan-girling!

When we arrived we headed to the American History Smithsonian Museum, I found this museum incredibly interesting as I don’t have have much knowledge on American History. Among my favourite parts was visiting a whole American House that had been transported into the museum as well as the First Ladies exhibit, all those wonderful dresses!

We then walked the mall and saw all of these magnificent sights!

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Then, surprise! A zoo! The Smithsonian also runs a zoo and like its other museums, its free! A FREE zoo! Have you ever heard of such a thing! I still can’t really comprehend this fact, seeing as the Australia Zoo is incredibly pricey.

The zoo itself was really nice, a good size and my first time seeing a Giant Panda! How adorable!

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If you are ever in the US and are able to detour to Washington D.C. I do recommend it, it’s definitely a different city and full of so much history.

Anyway must go, stay tuned for another post tomorrow about my first day in New York (sneak peek – it includes another zoo!).

Thanks for reading!

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