Hey all!

Well well well, look who’s writing a blog for the second week in a row!

Now as my friends know, i’m a lazy girl. My favourite thing to do on the weekend after a busy week at work is snuggle up in my bed, watch movies and have a nap or two.

This week someone said to me that sleeping that weekend away was boring, of course I completely disagree, naps are what makes this girl happy! Do you agree or disagree? Now, admittedly this favourite past time of mine does not lend itself to an interesting series of photos for a blog post.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to force myself to leave my house and explore a little bit more. Even though that hasn’t happened this weekend, I really enjoyed experimenting with the Polarr photo editing app on some photos I have collected in the past few months.


This snap is of an arrangement of fresh flowers that we had delivered to my workplace, aren’t they beautiful?! I’m so lucky that I get to work around wonderful flowers that change from week to week!


The last three snaps were taken in Yamba, NSW. This was a trip I took with my family a few months ago, it was definitely a well-needed break and oh so beautiful!

Yamba is somewhere that my family have frequented often, its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful beaches are great for just chilling out and doing absolutely nothing. The coast between Sydney and Brisbane is something that I’d definitely like to explore one day!

I’d love to have a ramble but I reeeeally need to go grocery shopping! It’s currently 2pm and I just know if it gets past 3pm I’m going to have a nap and then leaving the house will just not happen.

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog!


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