Hey everyone! Apologies for my absence, for the past few weekends I did precisely nothing. What’s the use of a photography blog post if you haven’t taken any photos?

Anyway, today I decided to take a drive up to the Mornington Peninsula again and I fell in love with it once more! It’s the relaxed nature, lovely locals and of course the spectacular scenery that makes everything about this place so wonderful.

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All of these photo’s were taken in the town of Mornington, right where the main street meets the sea, this was probably mid-afternoon and the light was winding down for the day. I love the contrast of the weathered wood against the sea.

I travelled right along the East side of the Peninsula and visited Sorrento for the first time. A colleague of mine spends half of their week there and I figure for such a long drive it must be good! I definitely wasn’t disappointed, it’s got a really great feel to it along with some great shops. I ended up at a busy little chip shop and went down to the seaside to watch the world go by. The chips weren’t up to much but the view certainly was, the water was peaceful and the seagulls were as persistent as ever.

For Melburnians and those who are travelling to Victoria, I see the Mornington Peninsula as a must-see! Especially if you don’t have the spare days to go down the Great Ocean Road.

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