Hey everyone!

It appears that I’m the worst ‘blogger’ ever, what can I blame my terrible upload schedule on this time? Maybe the weather, that’s always a good go-to.

It’s actually winter in Melbourne, now I know some of you may be reading this and thinking that I must be a wuss because I live in Australia and it’s ALWAYS warm here. In truth winter usually hovers between five and ten degree’s celsius which really isn’t that terrible but it still feels pretty bloody chilly at 6am when headed to work, trust me.

I took these photo’s about a month ago, I was actually pretty proud of myself because I got out of the house when I really didn’t want to and went for a walk around my neighbourhood. Believe it or not I took all of these photo’s on my iPhone 8 Plus, a few with the new portrait mode. The clarity is not as good as my DSLR however popping an iPhone in my pocket is WAY easier than lugging my camera around with me.

120818 (2)120818 (3)

Something I wasn’t expecting to find on the residential streets was this beautiful church! Another reason I love Melbourne is the beautiful old architecture that is around every corner. I stood in this spot for a good while just taking everything in, looking at every detail.

120818 (4)120818 (5)

Another unexpected find, is it me or does this building look like something you’d find in a Disney movie? Remind me to make friends with whoever lives here so I can take a peek around this cute house!

120818 (6)

Well look at that, an actual blog post! It sure is a rarity these days, I’ve actually had a few friends mention to me that they enjoy reading this and that I should keep it up which is so lovely to hear! The thing with writing a blog is that one must have the enthusiasm to actually spend the time creating it. What happens when you don’t have any enthusiasm to draw on? Well you start writing something and then very quickly realise that what you’re writing is complete rubbish and you close your computer. Nobody wants to read a boring blog, it’s one of those things you realise after reading that you’re never going to get that time back.

This brings me on to my last point, I’d love to hear your feedback! What do you like best about reading this blog? The photo’s, reading my rambling thoughts? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, I hope to be back next week – you know, if I find something to actually write about!


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