Hey friends!

I’m baaack! I landed from Thailand yesterday where I spent the last ten days in absolute bliss! This was my first venture into Asia and whereas it was definitely a culture shock, we quickly got into the swing of things and had the best time!

My friend Jacinta and I first made a stop in Bangkok and visited the Chatuchak Markets which were huge, crazy busy but just as great as we had read online. We found so many great gems and the food looked and smelt delicious!

After a couple of days in Bangkok we flew to Phuket for some much needed relaxation! We stayed at the Mandarava Resort, located in Karon on the mountainside and although the stairs were a killer at times, the entire resort was beautiful, the food delicious and the staff so lovely!

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These first few photo’s are from a tour of Phuket that I went on and that I would 100% recommend, in an area where taxi’s aren’t that cheap and public transport not as accessible, a tour is the perfect way to get around. A fun fact is that the Big Buddha has been under construction for 20 years and is being funded by local people as well as the government, the entire outer shell is made out of marble imported by Myanmar.

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Aaaaah Phi Phi, bliss! On our last day in Thailand, we hopped on a boat to tour the islands and even though these days the area is described as overly touristy, as you can see from the photos it is some of the best scenery i’ve ever seen! What I would recommend is saving and splurging on a private tour so that you can take your time! We went on quite a crowded tour and even though we saw some amazing spots, it was have been nice to spend a little more time in some places.

I actually took a couple of disposable camera’s with me and snapped all of the beautiful scenery I saw, I’ve just sent them off for development and if they’re any good you can bet you’ll find them on the blog in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading everyone and if you have any questions about travelling to Thailand, please let me know and I will attempt to answer them! xoxo

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