Australia Vs Canada: the food shop

Hello from Canada!

I’ve been in Vancouver for nearly two months now, have successfully found a house and a job and I think it’s about time that I tell you all a little bit about it!

When I was researching Canada in preparation for my move here, I didn’t find as much information regarding the specific differences between Canada and Australia as I thought I would, considering the fact that I’m pretty sure every Australian knows at least one person who has moved here for a ski season or two.

So I’ve decided to make a small series of blogs on the differences, focusing on prices and important things to note such as transport and how to stop abbreviating every word you say (FYI: Canadians will not understand you when you say that you had Macca’s for dinner).

Let’s start with something that makes me way more excited than it should: the food shop. Exploring a new grocery store is among my favourite things to do when visiting a new country, Canada is no exception. Now whilst there are many new foods to try, I’m not going to sugar-coat anything, it’s noticeably more expensive here. My weekly shopping is at least AU$30 more expensive than it was back home.

I’ve compiled a table below of a small range of items you might buy on your weekly shop to show some of the contrasts, prices were taken from Coles Online and the Real Canadian Superstore website, which is the best Coles alternative I have found since I have been here. As you can see, some things are more expensive and others cheaper.

Coles Real Canadian Superstore
White Bread AU$ 1.27 AU$1.68
Milk 1L AU$ 1.10 AU$2.31
Potato Chips AU$1.50 AU$3.34
M&M Chocolate Block AU$4.80 AU$2.60
T-Bone Steak AU$24 AU$29
Fresh Salmon AU$28 AU$36
Single Cheese Slices AU$5.70 AU$5.11
Activia Yoghurt AU$3 AU$5.54
Pink Lady Apples AU$6.90 AU$4.59

So, even though the total cost of your shop may shock you at first, it’s possible to adapt. Friends have told me that the various farmers markets that run throughout the warmer months have great produce at good prices and stretching your grocery runs to once every two weeks helps get costs down.

Personally, as I am without a car, getting food delivered is the best option for me. Delivery is around AU$4 plus a couple of dollars for a tip and this means that I can add everything I want to my cart and then take out things that I don’t deem necessary at the checkout to keep costs down!

Now, as a bit of cheer up from the gloomy talk about expensive food.. some photo’s! These pics are from my recent adventures around the city, Granville Island was a personal favourite because you know.. food.




This city really is wonderful and I cannot wait to explore more of B.C.! I hope this blog helps one or two of you to understand this beautiful city! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Australia Vs Canada: the food shop

  1. great to see you have got back to your Blog. Interesting read as I thought that Australia was very expensive (well from our experience the prices went up so much from 2007 on our first trip to 2016 our second trip).


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