Well hello!

This week I wanted to share my snaps from Australia Zoo where my family and I visited on Father’s Day last weekend. I used my Canon EF 50mm lens which captured some great detail.

Australia Zoo was made famous by the late Steve Irwin, I’m sure most of us loved watching his shows as kids (I know that I was particularly obsessed). The Zoo was opened by Steve’s parents and next year it will celebrate it’s 50th birthday! An advertised highlight of any trip is of course the crocodiles buuuut it all honesty they’re kinda boring.. (sorry not sorry) they just sit still on the ground and occasionally go sit still in the water.

My fave animals were the meerkats, they’re just so funny and adorable! What was that meerkat show called? I looooved that one.

I hope ya’ll enjoy the photo’s! I really enjoyed taking them, the parrots were constantly moving and flying off so I was luckily enough to snap them when they stopped to say hello.


Yep! That’s a BABY TIGER. This little Sumatran Tiger is a part of an International breeding program and in this instance he was spending a short time in an enclosure learning what not to do whilst being around keepers (in this photo the keeper quickly moved him away from her face).


Thanks for reading folks!! If you’re interested – feel free to check out my Instagram: @jessicabarnden

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