Hello All!

Sorry there was no upload last weekend, life got in the way!

We went down to St Kilda this weekend to have brunch with a friend and stumbled across a huge car show! I love cars so I had the time of my life looking at all the lovely shiny beautiful things, Nick less so – he’s one of those ‘cars get you from A to B’ folks *shudders*.

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This yellow ute was one of my favourites, everything was so clean, especially the spotless interior!

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Yes, this is a grass car, A GRASS CAR! I turned around and I think my jaw dropped to the ground. Of course, it was plastered with 4/20 labels – what else in St Kilda right?

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This is the stuff nightmares are made of – Wolf Creek!

blog 17 (6)

Guess what?! New York in two weeks! I’m half ridiculously excited and half terrified that I’m not prepared, but hey I guess I’ll find out!

It’s a short one today, a bit of a case of Monday-itis. I hope you enjoy the photos!

One thought on “Good surprises

  1. Aw this blog is so good, I love seeing what people do with there lives and those cars are crazy! Especially the grass car 😱 Like what? Xxx


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