Hey Friends!

I wanted to jump back on the blog train so I scoured my iPhone photo’s and found a good story for you!

So, as most of you probably know, I’m moving to Canada in less than a month (eeek! stress stress stress!) and before I left Melbourne for good I knew I needed to revisit my favourite spots around town.

First on the list was the Mornington Peninsula as it is easily my favourite spot to go when I want de-stress or have the urge to ‘do something’ with my weekend. Many of Melbourne’s elite have beach houses on the Mornington Peninsula (or ‘nince’ as my local friends call it) and it’s easy to see why! (See my Mornington Peninsula blog post for more pictures!)


This pier is located at Sorrento which is on the tail end of the peninsula, this area is busy with tourists and locals alike with many cute cafe’s and shops to peruse.

You can actually catch a Searoad Ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff and continue your adventure to the Great Ocean Road, perfect for a weekend escape! Prices start from $67 for cars and $13 for foot passengers!


Check this out! In the three years that I’ve lived in Melbourne, I never knew that Arthur’s Seat Eagle existed but boy oh boy was it exciting! This gondola is situated not far from Dromana and as you can see, has the most beautiful views of the entirety of the peninsula!

The ride is smooth and when you reach the top you can even grab some lunch from the nearby cafe’s. Prices start from $17.50 and in my opinion it’s well worth it for an exciting ride to the top.

That’s it for the Mornington Peninsula and I hope one day I can return but in the meantime it’s full steam ahead for Canada! With less than a month to go I keep wondering to myself if I have everything ready for the move, I think the answer is yes but I guess I’ll soon find out!

Once I’ve settled into Vancouver a little bit I’m thinking of doing a ‘Australia Vs Canada’ series on the blog talking about the differences I’ve noticed, from food prices to the local attractions, is that something you would read? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and follow my Instagam @jessicabarnden for more pics 🙂

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